But What About Quantum Leap?

American physicist Richard Feynman gives up the secret of quantum mechanics

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This quote is amazing because Richard P. Feynman is a deceased god of science. A wizard! A master! A world-renowned expert! If he doesn’t understand the field he was the de facto king of, what chance do any of us have of understanding our world? The Six Easy Pieces: Not so easy after all?

We’re all wrong and misinformed of thousands of things, and yet, we manage to survive. Isn’t that marvelously comforting? I like the idea of a vast pool of knowledge beyond our current grasp. It keeps things interesting. It makes us wonder about everything. It keeps us humble. It keeps us curious.

It’s why we play with all these ideas in science fiction. We all want a Mr. Fusion mounted onto a DeLorean and we all hope that somehow, Scott Bakula is going back in time and undoing our mistakes. And why not? After all, those things might really be possible, someday, if we keep figuring our this crazy universe of ours.

(c) Jessica Hagy, 2012

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