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  • Travel the world viewing our exclusive slideshow and video stories from Petra to Prague and discover the world's cultural treasures
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Available In The App Store

About the Smithsonian iPad App

How do I get started?
Download the Smithsonian magazine app from the Apple App Store.

About the Smithsonian Digital Edition

What is included in the Smithsonian Digital Edition?
The Smithsonian Digital Edition includes all the editorial content and photos from the current print issue of Smithsonian magazine plus video, audio and expandable features.

Can I get Smithsonian Digital Edition only?
Yes, you can buy the digital edition without receiving the print edition by downloading the Smithsonian magazine app from the app store for your tablet device and following the subscription instructions inside the app.

Where can I read the Smithsonian Digital Edition?
The Smithsonian Digital Edition is currently only available on the iPad, but we expect to add more tablet devices soon.

Can I activate my print subscription to read on my Nook or Kindle?
Sorry, at this time Nook and Kindle access is not included in your print subscription. We offer Nook versions for Smithsonian for purchase directly from Barnes & Noble, and Kindle versions for purchase directly from Amazon.

Will the app run on my smartphone?
No, our current Digital Edition is designed for the larger screen on tablet devices.

Are old issues included in my subscription?
No. You will have access to any issues moving forward from the date you subscribed. Available digital issues start with the December 2011 issue and are available for additional purchase.

Do digital editions expire?
No, once you download an issue as part of your subscription or purchase, it's yours to keep.

How can I reduce digital edition storage space on my iPad?
Archiving magazine issues will free-up storage space on your tablet.

You can archive an issue by going to your Library where your Smithsonian Digital Editions are located. Simply touch "Archive" for each issue and follow the prompts.

Can I re-download digital issues that I've archived?
Yes, you can re-download any issues that you've archived from your tablet.

To re-download a previously purchased issue that has been archived, return to the Library, sign in, find the issue you'd like to re-download, and tap the "Download" button.