VIDEO: The Osprey in Flight

Half helicopter, half airplane.


Click here to see a video of the V-22 Osprey in flight


If the spinning 38-foot tiltrotors of the V-22 Osprey look odd, they’ll soon become more familiar. The U.S. Marine Corps begins operational use of the aircraft in September 2007. The Osprey can transport 24 combat troops or up to 20,000 pounds of cargo. With its vertical/short takeoff and landing capabilities, it can fit in tight spots like a helicopter, but can fly twice as fast.

In this video, distributed by V-22 manufacturer Boeing during the 2007 Paris Airshow at Le Bourget, the Osprey is seen doing its thing—flying like an airplane, taking off like a helicopter, and dropping commandos like Pez. Variants of the V-22 will be ready for use by the Air Force and Special Operations Command in 2009. (Video: Boeing)

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