Personal Jetpacks of the Future, Today

Watch Yves Rossy fly his jet-powered wing above the Swiss countryside

We caught wind of Yves “Jetman” Rossy back in 2008 when he used his jet-powered wing to cross the English Channel. He kept working on the design and practicing his flying; he was featured on the popular British show Top Gear earlier this month, and just released this pretty impressive video. It seems like our perfect dream of a personal jetpack is missing just one thing: take-off from the ground. But don’t worry, Rossy is working on it.

JETMAN from Evert Cloetens on Vimeo.

Update: Oops, it looks like that video was taken down from Vimeo. Instead, enjoy some of these earlier videos: Jetman flying with a couple of actual jets, and some spectacular scenes while flying over the Grand Canyon.

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