Osage County Museum, Pawhuska, Oklahoma

Osage County Museum, Pawhuska, Oklahoma

It's mostly the same here
slow as melonvines in an arctic sun
where the great ball of the plane
went down in nineteen thirty-five & an eskimo
with a camera took a picture that stayed
in his camera twenty-one years
& by some chance he told
an explorer who bought the film
& found the crash
& the bodies under tarp looking like
two seals on the ice,
the crumpled plane with oversized pontoons,
the propeller as though
it could turn again—
the men, Wiley Post & Will Rogers,
still twelve miles southwest of Barrow, Alaska.

— Diane Glancy

"Osage County Museum, Pawhuska, Oklahoma," is from One Age in a Dream by Diane Glancy (Minneapolis: Milkweed Editions, 1986) Copyright © Diane Glancy. Reprinted with permission from the author.

Home page image: "Wegbereiter Ikarus," print, woodblock on paper, by Wilhelm Geissler, 1966. (Courtesy NASM)

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