June July 2009 Sightings

June July 2009 Sightings

“At the Wing Nuts Flying Circus airshow in Tarkio, Missouri, in July 2008, the black surfaces of a Cessna Bobcat [right] showed every drop of rain beading on its wings and engine cowling, telling the story of a rain delay." - Max Haynes Max Haynes

We’ve been captivated for years by the work of Max Haynes, who sees photography as a narrative art. His Web site, www.maxair2air.com,
is a collection of stories he tells through photographs. Here is Haynes describing the process in his own words:

“I examine the graphic elements at play that create a story. I look for juxtapositions of light and dark, or, as we photographers call it, positive and negative space. Silhouettes provide the most dramatic examples of this contrast.

“And five hoppers [opposite] were part of a group of kids who got to meet the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels after hours at Thunder Over Michigan, an airshow at Willow Run Airport near Detroit, in July 2007. They were kind enough to jump for joy again and again so that I could capture them in the air all at once. I got lucky when their timing conveyed a sense of liftoff in sequence. Now, if only I had gotten them to do it left to right.” - Max Haynes Max Haynes
“In the case of a crewman polishing a Grumman F7F Tigercat known as Big Bossman, I kept snapping the shutter on a mid-September day in 2008, waiting for the man’s arms and face to present the best outline against the Nevada sky. During the Reno National Championship Air Races that month, from sunrise to sundown, the crews were always busy bringing the airplanes up to maximum efficiency." - Max Haynes Max Haynes
“Kenny Bryenton [below right] stepped off the cliffs of the Torrey Pines Gliderport near San Diego and into the great beyond. An overcast sky in February 2007 rendered this intrepid flier an icon of the simple angles of hang glider flight." - Max Haynes Max Haynes

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