Go Inside the Space Station

Space Station 360: Tranquility (Node 3)

Over the 15-plus years that the International Space Station has been in orbit, we’ve seen dozens of video tours by astronauts and cosmonauts—many of them very good.

But seeing these 360-degree views of the individual modules took my visual understanding of the place to a new level.

In June 2015, just before she left the station, Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti went around to each module and took a series of up to 15 pictures that were later assembled into 360-degree panoramas.  The resolution is good, and when viewed with a VR headset, it’s really like you’re floating in the middle of the module.

The European Space Agency already has posted panoramas for most of the modules on this page, with links to Youtube, Facebook, and Flickr.  A new module goes up every Thursday. Highly recommended.

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