High (really high) cuisine on the space station

Astronaut Sandy Magnus is something of a cook, apparently

Christmas cookies!

Astronaut Sandy Magnus, who's been living on the International Space Station for four months, and whose ride home (space shuttle Discovery) is due to blast off from Cape Canaveral on March 15, is something of a cook, apparently. And she's been trying to jazz up the menus inside the orbiting outpost. Magnus has a photo essay about her culinary experiments on NASA's website. During her stay in space she made everything from Christmas dinner to Super Bowl snacks. Even though the presentation leaves something to be desired (everything looks the same in plastic bags), and it's no match for the gourmet feast Martha Stewart planned for her friend Charles Simonyi for the billionaire's first trip to space in 2007, I'm guessing crewmates Mike Fincke and Yuri Lonchakov will still miss Chef Magnus.

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