Gorgeous Victorian 4BR 2.5BA, Priced To Ship to Mars ASAP!

A realty company wondered what it might cost to launch your house to Mars.

Now we know SpaceX’s Elon Musk is anxious to establish the first city on Mars, population 80,000. He estimates that at this critical mass of colonists, it would cost about $500,000 per person — about what it costs to buy a home in California. Instead of a split-level ranch located at an equal driving distance to surfing and skiing, you’ll be buying a bunk in a bubble with scheduled rotations between the hydroponics garden and the air purification engine room, but, you know, on another planet.

But what if you could actually move to Mars and take your suburban cul-de-sac living with you? Real estate company Movado decided to do a back-of-the-envelope calculation (no doubt anxious themselves to tap into the interplanetary realty market). Click over to their infographic and enter the basic specs of your house to see how much it would cost to launch it into space. This city-living editor’s modest two-story rowhouse cost $384 million (just a smidge — times a few hundred million — more than it’s worth) to ship to Mars City. Movado calculates that at my house’s weight — over 300,000 pounds — it would take a SpaceX Falcon Heavy three trips to haul it all there; the graphic goes on to explain the data they use to get those numbers. I’m not sure how easily my 100-year-old house would break down into three loads… Movado might want to look into partnering with IKEA to corner the space colony flat-box shipping and assembly business.

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