Have Dinner With the Astronauts in This 360 Video

The latest VR footage from the space station.

#Proxima Visite à 360° de l'ISS avec Thomas Pesquet

The archive of 360-degree video filmed inside the space station is growing.

As promised, ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who’s been living on the station since November, yesterday posted a few onboard scenes taken with a Giroptic 360-degree camera, including a meal with his fellow crewmates and quick float-throughs of a couple of station modules.

It’s roughly equivalent in quality to what Russian cosmonauts have posted, although shorter and less produced, with no narration. The resolution isn’t great—barely viewable with a Cardboard headset, and just okay in Gear VR.

Still, I’m looking forward to more of this, as the cameras get better and the astronauts devote more time to sharing their experiences. I know it sounds like an apology, but these are just the early days of VR, sort of like television in the 1940s. And if you don’t want to bother with headsets, remember that you can always “move around” inside the video frame above by grabbing it with your mouse.

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