Credits for September 2011 issue

Credits for September 2011 issue

Tully’s Astronarium. Robert Yowell first worked for NASA in 1989 as a space shuttle flight controller at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Currently, he is a chief engineer for the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Systems Division at the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center in El Segundo, California.

Lying Down on the Job. U.S. Naval Test Pilot School graduate Graham Chandler writes from Calgary, Canada, while seated upright.

Leaping Lunar Landers! Michael Belfiore is the author of Rocketeers: How a Visionary Band of Business Leaders, Engineers, and Pilots Is Boldly Privatizing Space (Harper Paperbacks, 2008). Find him online at

The Changing of the Guard. Writer and photographer Ed Darack ( is the author of Victory Point: Operations Red Wings and Whalers — The Marine Corps’ Battle for Freedom in Afghanistan (Berkley Trade, 2010).

The First Across the Continent. Howard Eisenberg has been writing magazine articles and books for 60 years, and hopes his next phone call will be from a movie producer asking, “How about writing me a Cal Rodgers screenplay?”

The Raiders Remember. Paul Hoversten is the executive editor at Air & Space/Smithsonian.

Stranded. Edward J. Farmer is an engineer and businessman with 40 years of general aviation flying, including gliders.

Heroes in the Tower. Michael Klesius is a former Air & Space associate editor.

Distance Runners. Michael Milstein wrote about unmanned aircraft being developed for the U.S. Navy in “*Pilot Not Included,” which ran in the June/July 2011 issue.

Lieutenant Ivan Baranovsky’s P-39. Frequent contributor Tim Wright, a photographer in Virginia, has found that he can sometimes create a better picture with words than with a camera.

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