Air & Space Quiz: Aerobatic Maneuvers and How They Got Their Names

aerobatic hero.jpg
For his unforgettable night shows, aerobatic pilot Gene Soucy adds fireworks to all four wingtips of his Grumman ShowCat.

It was originally known as “airplane stunting,” those spectacular stunts, rolls, and loops performed by fearless pilots in airplanes or gliders. We now call it aerobatics, and the pilots’ skills and daring have only increased. If you do one thing this summer, attend an airshow (using our 2019 guide, which includes more than 125 events across the country); while you’re waiting for the breathtaking stunts to begin, take our quiz and learn 10 things you didn’t know about aerobatics.

(Sources for this quiz include Annette Carsons Flight Fantastic, and The Blue Angels: A Fly-By History by Nicholas A. Veronico.)

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