A Unique Moment

Sitting in the other guy’s ride.

Hong My-505.jpg
On April 5, 2008 Former adversaries from the Vietnam War, Dan Cherry and Hong My, meet for the first time since Dan shot down Mr. My from the skies over Vietnam in 1972. In April 2009, Hong My and his son Quon visited the United States for the first time. Their amazing journey started in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The Kentucky visit included the dedication of the Aviation Heritage Park, sitting in the very cockpit of the F-4D Phantom that shot him down 36 years earlier. Also, a trip to Kentucky state capital and the Kentucky Vietnam Memorial. From Kentucky the entourage traveled to Florida, for the Sun-N-Fun airshow for several appearences and presentations. Following the Sun-N-Fun airshow Dan Cherry, Quan Hong, Phong Vu, Katie Clark and John Fleck visited the Washington DC. The journey to the capital of the United States included a Congressional VIP tour of the US Capital Building and Senate Chambers, as well as a special visit to the Udvar-Hazy National Air & Space Museum of the Smithonian. The trip w John Fleck

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