First Annual Photo Contest Finalists: Civilian Category

Allen Hafner
FINALIST: Civilian Category
Dawn balloon launch as part of the 2013 Preakness Festival.
Preakness Festival, Ellicot City, Maryland • Photographed May 2013

"A hot air balloon launch is part of the annual Preakness Race festivities, which I have always missed for various reasons," says Hafner. "This year I arrived at the launch site before most of the balloons were inflated. One balloon was up and offering tethered rides. I photograph a lot of sunrises and sunsets, so as the sun rose above the treeline and lit up the morning mist, I framed the balloon and sun on opposite sides of the frame. As for the rest of the balloons, the prevailing winds were blowing in the direction of BWI Airport, so the launch was cancelled."
David Becker
FINALIST: Civilian Category
SkyWest EMB 120 Departs in a Summer Shower
St. George, Utah • Photographed August 2010

"Although the SkyWest EMB 120 started its take-off roll in a downpour," says Becker, "the rain was so localized that after rolling another 200 to 300 feet, the aircraft was in clear weather. The heavy rain had disturbed a swarm of bees, so I was fending off bees while making the shot."
Dan Megna
FINALIST: Civilian Category
An Erickson Aircrane setting a section of a 15,000 pound power line transmission tower.
San Diego, California • Photographed March 2012

"I was working as a pilot flying a helicopter in support of the Erickson Aircrane on the Sunrise Powerlink project in Southern California," says Megna. "Some days there were more than 40 helicopters working along the 117-mile corridor, making this the largest helicopter-supported construction project ever undertaken. On this day, I had the opportunity to fly with another pilot as the Aircrane set the 12,000 to 18,000 pound tower sections. This overhead view provides a unique perspective to appreciate the aircrane crew's skill and precision in working with the crews on the ground to construct each individual tower."
Jerrold Wu
FINALIST: Civilian Category
The aerodynamic effect of this approach-configured A330 shows water trailing off the fuselage and wings during a heavy afternoon downpour. The relatively bright horizon silhouetted the aircraft and its veil of rain all the way to touchdown.
Changi Airport, Singapore • Photographed December 2012

"Thunderstorms are typical on any given December afternoon in Singapore," says Wu, "but this storm developed so quickly it caught me off guard. I managed to find a bus stop (which happened to be located under the approach path of runway 20R) for some much-needed shelter. As the downpour intensified, aircraft began leaving distinct trails of water streaming off the wings and fuselage."
G. Edward Anderson
FINALIST: Civilian Category
Although somewhat busy, old time planes always have look-at-me stories. Just too good to pass up - a Stinson Model'O', only one flying, better than new. Mustered with three WWI replica biplanes and an ugly type C2N Aeronca. Does it get any better?
Arlington Fly-In & Sport Convention, Washington • Photographed July 2013

"When I spotted the unique setting filled with historic aircraft," says Anderson, "I couldn't help thinking, Yesteryear aviation and the freedom it gave us. The centerpiece of the photograph is the only currently airworthy—and award-winning—Stinson Model 'O' reproduction, now in the stable of the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington."
Mike Killian
FINALIST: Civilian Category
A passenger airliner cruising across an annular solar eclipse over Kanarraville, Utah on May 20, 2012.
Kanarraville, Utah • Photographed May 2012

"I captured this image of a commercial airliner cruising through an annular solar eclipse over Utah on May 20, 2012," says Killian. "I positioned myself directly on the centerline of the eclipse track, and hiked up to the top of a hillside for a bird's-eye view looking over the landscape. I noticed a contrail approaching the eclipse and could tell immediately that it would cross straight through it. When the aircraft disappeared into the sun's glare I shot continuous frames at 3fps. This was the only image that captured the whole aircraft as it eclipsed the eclipse."
C.L. Weldy
FINALIST: Civilian Category
Camping with the Stars
Near Knik Glacier, Alaska • Photographed September 2010

"This photograph was taken on a fly-out camping trip with friends," says Weldy. "Having done aviation photography since 1999, I never miss an opportunity to photograph a cool airplane. This particular photo was the last one of the night, as the batteries died 50 minutes into the exposure."
John Chapter
FINALIST: Civilian Category
The Sun Highlighting a Formation of Nine Aircraft.
Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, Broofield, Colorado • Photographed August 2012

"My dad worked a lifetime as a mechanic at Republic Aviation, now Fairchild, in Farmingdale, New York, throughout World War II and beyond," says Chapter. "I can remember my excitement in the 1940s when I was about 8 years old, living next to Mitchell Field on Long Island, and running outside as I heard airplanes landing and flying low right over our house. Later, I was fortunate enough to work on the Apollo Lunar-Model program as an engineer, never losing my interest in aviation and space. Now retired from aerospace, with a major interest in photography, I never miss an opportunity to attend local air shows here in Colorado."
Mile Iloski
FINALIST: Civilian Category
Boeing 737-300 (YR-TIB) Air Bucharest landing at Ohrid St. Paul The Apostle Airport.
Ohrid Airport, Macedonia • Photographed March 2013

"My father worked at Ohrid Airport in Macedonia, and when I was a little boy he took me with him to work," says Iloski. "My dream was to become a pilot, but sometimes things don't turn out as we mean them to. Now I'm an archaeologist, and I love my profession."
Tad Hetu
FINALIST: Civilian Category
1929 Ford Tri-Motor in Black & White
Reno, Nevada • Photographed September 2012

"This antique Ford Tri-Motor stood at the far end of the field in a static display, while the action of the National Championship Air Races happened elsewhere," says Hetu. "It dwarfed the other static aircraft, and the three exposed radian engines seemed to make a statement that it was still a proud and powerful icon, despite its age."

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