The image conveys a sense of 3-D in the scene of the aftermath of a powerful Midwestern tornado. The camera used is a Canon 5D Mark II, and the photo is an HDR image using Photomatix HDR Pro and Photoshop CS3. Wallpaper Download: iPad. (Photo by Tim Wright.)
This edited image shows smoke from an electric cigarette looming behind a wooden mask. The camera used was an Olympus E-3. Wallpaper Download: Desktop | iPad. (Photo by Michal Baran.)
The photographer says this montage of photos, captured with a Nikon D90, captures the “unique blend of reality and make-believe” that constitutes her childhood memories. Wallpaper Download: Desktop | iPad. (Photo by Violet Kashi.)
This photo, meant to portray the models as androids by dressing them in futuristic clothing, was inspired by Polish costume designer Lidia Sajdak. The camera used was a Nikon D700. Wallpaper Download: Desktop | iPad. (Photo by Katarzyna Widmanska.)
The photographer used a thin steel wire to support and attach a pollen spore to one of the ladybug’s arms. The camera used is an Olympus Pen PL-1 with a Super-Takumar 50 F/1.4 lens. Wallpaper Download: Desktop | iPad. (Photo by Hiep Nguyen Hoang.)
This wooden house, constructed in the early 1800s, is nestled under a massive cliff in an area uninhabited since the Stone Age. The camera used is a Nikon D40. Wallpaper Download: iPad. (Photo by Sonya Kanelstrand.)
The photo was taken in Times Square with an Olympus XZ-1. The photographer was visiting a friend in Brooklyn around the time of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, which prompted the picture’s title. Wallpaper Download: Desktop. (Photo by Skip Hunt.)
The photo is a composite from roughly two-dozen images, taken with an Olympus point-and-shoot, of the famous Duomo from various perspectives. Wallpaper Download: Desktop | iPad. (Photo by Garret Suhrie.)
This image was taken of a building being constructed at Xi'an Jiaotong University where the photographer is a student. Shakya used a Nikon D7000 to capture the photograph before giving it a final touch in PhotoShop CS5. Wallpaper Download: Desktop | iPad. (Photo by Pramod Shakya.)
The multiple shots depicting a busy morning in this image took the photographer, who served as the model, less than an hour to complete. The camera used was a Nikon D5000. Wallpaper Download: Desktop | iPad. (Photo by Brittney Callahan.)

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