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This Is The Only Known Footage of George Orwell

Scholars had thought that, although he lived in the 1950s, author George Orwell's mug was never captured on film

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Although he lived in the 1950s, author George Orwell’s mug was never captured on film. At least that’s what scholars thought, until someone uncovered this footage from around 1921.

At around the 50 second mark in this video above, you can see Orwell at a spritely age of 18 walking across a field at Eton College. But that’s all you get. No interviews, no readings, nothing. Orwell’s voice was never captured on tape, and this brisk march is all anyone has found of him on film.

So while Orwell lives on in millions of class syllabi, his image lives for just a few seconds in our collective film history.

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