The Curious Case of the Arkansas Diamonds

In a state park full of amateur diamond miners, one prospector dug up a valuable stone worth thousands of dollars—or did he?

Over the past three years, tourists have pulled more than 1,000 precious stones from the ground at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. (Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism)

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One Friday afternoon this past August, the diamond hunter Tyrell finally had his own lucky strike—he pulled a 4.42-carat stone out of the ground. For a while, it seemed, Blake's alleged chicanery was no longer the talk of Murfreesboro. It was Tyrell's big day, and no one around there doubts that Tyrell's stone is legitimate. Stolarz sees him out in the park nearly every day, sorting through pebbles and taking samples home to examine come nightfall.

Author Bio: Brendan Borrell wrote about Cassowaries, the world's most dangerous bird, in the October 2008 issue of Smithsonian magazine


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