The 11 Most Endearing Small Streets Worth Visiting

These tiny corridors around the world invite you in with their charm and surprising level of bustle

This particularly charming street in Colmar, France looks straight out of a fairy tale. (Flickr user Fonzie D)
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Everyone knows the famed Champs-Elysees in Paris or the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. But sometimes it is the smallest streets that live the largest. 

Across the world, there are streets that are both short in stature and stardom, but big on food, history, shopping, beauty and all are just waiting to be explored. 

For example, tucked away in Cairo, there is a little street that is a treasure trove of history unlike any other in the Islamic world. Or in Penang, Malaysia, where a short walk has you pass by stunning wall art and unbelievable street food.   

So, take a trip with us, as we travel from Cairo to Amsterdam to Havana, exploring the smallest streets with the biggest appetite for adventure

El-Moez Street - Cairo, Egypt

This 15-feet-wide street in old Cairo might be the most historically and archaeologically significant street on Earth. Built in the 10th century, this “palace city to inspire awe and fear” has become an “open air museum” with an enormous concentration of medieval architecture that’s unparalleled in the Islamic world.

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