North Dakota - Nature and Scientific Wonders

North Dakota is smack dab in the middle of the central fly zone, making it a top destination for millions of birds and a fair number of birders, too. With 63 wildlife refuges—more than in any other state—North Dakota offers unparalleled opportunities for viewing an incredible array of birds and other wildlife. The North Dakota birdwatcher's checklist contains an amazing 370 species, including rare species such as Baird's sparrow and Sprague's pipit.

The Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge (Medina)
This wildlife refuge is home to one of the largest pelican breeding colonies in North America. North Dakota has destinations that are ideal for anything from a casual family outing to field trips for serious birding enthusiasts.

North Dakota is a diverse outdoor playground where you'll find many opportunities for hiking, biking, canoeing, camping, wildlife viewing, horseback riding, sailing, skiing and golfing. The Maah Daah Hey Trail, dubbed the new Moab of the North, has a "thumbs up" from mountain bikers. Traversing the badlands, almost 100 miles of trail connects the North and South units of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Crossing parts of the park as well as national grasslands and private ranch lands, it is also a hiking and horseback riding trail. Maah Daah Hey is a Mandan name that means "grandfatherly" or "been here a long time," and honors this Native American tribe that has lived in western North Dakota for more than 500 years. In 2001, the International Mountain Biking Association designated the trail as one of eight national EPIC rides and Sports Illustrated Women magazine named it to its Top 18 Hot Spots.

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