Smithsonian Journeys Travel Quarterly Cuba Issue

Lime Marinade, Cohiba Cigar Cases and Other Unique Gifts You Can Buy in Cuba

Smithsonian Journeys Quarterly

Cuban craft, like Cuban music, thrives on improvisation. “Access to materials can be challenging,” says Cynthia Vidaurri, a Smithsonian researcher who is the curator of the institution’s Folklife Festival on Cuba.  “This can mean certain crafts are not produced on a regular basis.” Local markets are a good source, but great finds can be scored at bus stops when traveling outside of the capital. 

Soda Can Toys

Tin toys like this beer can helicopter can be found at Arriani Veloz Darias’s booth in the Viñales Market. Her collection also includes a camera made from a Coke can and a car that began life as a Fanta container. Mercado Valle de Viñales, Pinar del Río Province.


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