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A Guide to Hemingway’s Paris

From writing haunts to favorite bars, follow the ex-pat author’s steps through Paris

As Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "Paris is a moveable feast." Here's how to explore the City of Lights on his terms. (Wikipedia)

Harry's New York Bar

One of the bars Hemingway frequented was Harry's New York Bar, situated on Paris' Right Bank. The bar opened in 1911, near the Paris Opera, and served as a meeting place for expatriates in the city. The bar itself came from a Manhattan bar that Harry's original owner, jockey Tod Sloan, had owned previously. Sloan had the New York bar dismantled and shipped across the Atlantic to Paris—hence the bar's "New York" name (the "Harry's" came later, from a bartender who bought the bar from Sloan in 1923). Harry's is the birthplace of a number of famous cocktails, from the Paris 75 (gin, champagne, lemon juice and sugar) to the Sidecar. It even claims to have invented the Bloody Mary.

Harry's New York Bar: 5 rue Daunou, 75002; +33 (0)1 42 61 71 14.


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