Delaware - Music and Performing Arts

For almost six decades the Ardensingers of Wilmington, Delaware have devoted themselves to the operatic feats of Gilbert and Sullivan. Delivering encore after encore at the historic Arden Gild Hall, the trope puts on plays each spring and fall.

The Grand Opera House in Wilmington is another dynamic venue for theatergoers. The 1,190-seat Victorian opera house has been lovingly restored to its former glory—the center first opened in 1871—and each year hosts more than 100 performances, which run the gamut from orchestral symphonies and stand-up comedy acts to contemporary dance programs and world culture pieces.

A tribute to one of Delaware's most unique citizens, the Johnson Victrola Museum in Dover is not to be missed. The namesake of the facility, Eldridge Reeves Johnson, opened the Victor Talking Machine Company in 1901. Johnson was an innovator in the sound-recording industry and his many successes are noted here. The museum's holdings include phonographs, recorders, music memorabilia, trademarks and paintings that highlight this music man's remarkable contributions.

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