Cute Baby Animals You Have To See This Spring

From tiny tapirs to pint-sized polar bears — America’s zoos are full of new baby animals

Baridi, the Houston Zoo's two-month-old Masai giraffe. (Stephanie Adams, Houston Zoo)

Angolan Colobus Monkeys, Lowry Park Zoo, Tampa, FL

Though only a few months old, the two adorable new additions to Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo are already on exhibit. Moms Whittney and August gave birth to infants only a few days apart (father Grimaldi gets around). Since Angolan colobuses have such a tight-knit social community, the fuzzy all-white offspring haven't left their mothers' arms in Primate World, although their coats will soon start to darken. You can keep up with the as-yet-to-be-named monkeys—and other cute baby animals—on the zoo's dedicated Zoo Babies page.

Excerpt from full story featured on Travel + Leisure.

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