Citico Creek Wilderness

Virgin forest, Unicoi Mountains and steep-walled valleys

The Eagle Branch of Citico Creek, Tennessee Courtesy of Chris M. Morris via Flickr
Citico Creek Wilderness, Tennessee Courtesy of Chris M. Morris via Flickr
A glimpse at the greater Cherokee National Forest © Marc Muench/Corbis
Branch Falls in Citico Creek Wilderness Area Courtesy of Kevin Eldon via Flickr

Location: Tennessee
Size: 16,226 acres
Year Designated: 1984

In the early 1920s, logging destroyed much of Citico Creek's forested areas. Then, wildfire ripped through the area in 1925, sounding the death knell for the logging industry. Since then, the area has been able to thrive as secondary wilderness, though there are still isolated tracts of forest that contain virgin trees. Elevation in the area ranges from 1,400 feet to 4,600 feet.