Where to Go in New York When You Can’t Get Tickets to “Hamilton”

Fans of “Hamilton” can check out these historic sites


You, like every other theatrically-inclined NYC tourist and resident, are dying to see Hamilton, the new musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda that has drawn in what feels like the entire world. But unless you’ve got money to burn (rear mezzanine side seats for Wednesday matinees are on StubHub for around $400), a lucky streak (10 people win a pair of tickets in the pre-show lottery), or an incredible amount of patience (there are still tickets available for next July!), the forecast doesn’t look good.

Luckily, the Tri-State Area is a dejected Hamilton fan’s paradise, with a bevy of historic sites referenced in the show and once frequented by the Revolution’s key players. Cue up the cast recording, ready your vocal cords, and follow our slideshow to heal your heart with Hamiltunes.

See eight destinations below and the full 16 on Travel + Leisure.

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Hamilton Hall at Columbia University

Start your journey, as our hero does, at the onetime King’s College, where A. Ham matriculated in 1773. The spot directly in front of the Hamilton statue is ideal for a rendition of "My Shot," which you can sing somberly as you contemplate the fortunes of those lucky bastards who won the Ham4Ham lottery. You may get weird looks from judgey college kids, but stick it out long enough and chances are good a theatre major will eventually wander by to take over lead vocals.


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