Weekend Events: Dancing, Annie and Steinway

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Friday, May 8: Dancing Through the Asian American Experience

The Washington Post has called Dana Tai Soon Burgess "the area's leading dance artist." In a celebration of Asian Pacific Heritage Month, Burgess will be performing two original works—China Latino and Hyphen—at the American Art Museum. A discussion follows her presentation. Free. American Art Museum, 6:00 PM

Saturday, May 9: Annie

The year 1924 saw a plucky, pupil-less, redheaded orphan named Annie grace the comic pages work her way up the social ladder and into the lap of luxury. Little Orphan Annie was later adapted into a successful radio program (which was memorably referenced in the film A Christmas Story) and a hit 1977 Broadway show that was made into a movie. Although the 1982 film has received its share of praise and vitriol, love it or hate it, it's an interesting depiction of Depression-era America set to insanely memorable tunes. It's good, wholesome entertainment for the family. After the movie, be sure to check out the exhibition 1934: A New Deal for Artists. (And for a humorous look at redheads, check out this recent Last Page piece from Smithsonian magazine.) Free. American Art Museum, 12:00 PM

Sunday, May 10: Steinway Series: Mendelssohn Piano Trio

Come listen to the Mendelssohn Piano Trio— Peter Sirotin (violin), Fiona Thompson (cello), and Ya-Ting Chang (piano)—as they play tribute to mothers everywhere in this program of tunes by Brahms, Haydn and Bloch. Free. American Art Museum, 3:00 PM

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