Wednesday Roundup- Test Your Knowledge: Benedict Arnold, Craig Newmark, Winning Stamps and More

Patriot or Traitor? — In a recently opened play, "Time Trial of Benedict Arnold," the National Museum of American History explores the veracity of a widely accepted historical "fact" — that Benedict Arnold was a traitor. During the performance, which tells the story from Arnold's point of view, the audience becomes the jury and decides for themselves whether Benedict Arnold was guilty as charged, simply misunderstood, or if the truth lies somewhere in between. Check out O, Say Can You See for show times and more details.

What is NMAI, Alex —  Last December, the National Museum of the American Indian was featured as a category on Jeopardy. Visit the NMAI blog to get a full recap of what happened and then check out the video, with bonus questions from the museum, to test your knowledge of American Indian history. The winners of the museum's question challenge have already been chosen, so you won't win a prize for knowing the correct answers, but you'll possibly be smarter when you're done.

Designing Men —Over on the Cooper-Hewitt Design Blog, museum director Bill Moggridge shares his inerview with Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist, as the second part of his behind-the-scenes look at his new book, Designing Media. (You can find part one here). What's Newmark like at home? What principles guide his site's simple design? What does he think about creating a site that revolutionized classified ads?

We Have a Winner — The National Postal Museum has announced the winner of its month-long "Stamps Around the Globe" contest. And...(drum roll, please) the stamp chosen to represent the USA in the "Stamps Around the Globe" exhibit is the Moon Landing Stamp, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. The exhibit will be featured next year in the upcoming  William H. Gross Stamp Gallery, an innovative, new exhibition space currently in the making.

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