Smithsonian Events Week of 2/9-13: Valentines and Balloons

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Monday, February 9: It's a slow week kids, we have nothing special for you. Not that it's hard for you to entertain yourselves with all the wonderful exhibitions on display. Go explore! Then come back here and tell us something new or interesting that you learned in the comments area. We'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, February 10: Valentine's Day Card Workshop

The Valentine's you buy at the corner drug store may get the job done, but for some, prepackaged sentiments leave something to be desired—and, difficult to fathom though it may be, Necco Sweethearts only go but so far in expressing your feelings for someone. Come out to the National Postal Museum and make unique expressions of your affections and get a little help in saying "I love you" in your own special way. Free. Materials are provided. National Postal Museum, 11:00 A.M-2:30 PM.

Wednesday, February 11: Mr. Lincoln's Air Force

On June 16, 1861, T.S.C. Lowe went up, up and away in his beautiful balloon to demonstrate to President Lincoln how aeronautics could be used in reconnaissance missions. After ascending 500 feet near where the National Air and Space Museum currently stands, Lowe's telegraph operator sent messages to the President describing the landscape in a 50-mile radius. Soon after, Lowe was named head of the newly-formed Union Army Balloon Corps. Come learn about Lincoln and Lowe in this lecture by curator Tom Crouch. Free. National Air and Space Museum, 12:00 PM.

Thursday, February 12: Darwin Anniversary Symposium

Reaching 200 years of age is a major milestone, even if you're not around to enjoy it yourself. On this, Charles Darwin's 200th birthday, the National Museum of Natural History honors the naturalist's contributions to science. Free. National Museum of Natural History, 12-3 PM.

Friday, February 13: Reading: Toronto at Dreamer's Rock

Contemporary storyteller and playwright Drew Hayden Taylor will read from his play, Toronto at Dreamer's Rock, which tells the tale of a young Native American boy who finds it difficult to reconcile ancestral traditions with modern living. Free. National Museum of the American Indian, 12 PM.

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