Rainforest Creatures Caught on Camera

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In the rainforests of Peru, scientists with the National Zoo's Monitoring and Assessment of Biodiversity Program set up cameras that "trap" wildlife in the area, digitally at least. When an animal walks by one of these traps, sensors register its body heat and movement, giving researchers a candid shot of nature. The photos are used to document rainforest biodiversity.

Below are three photographs that show the range of Peruvian wildlife. For 20 more images, check out the Zoo's Flickr Page.

Gotcha! An Amazon Red Squirrel, a common site in Peru, appears to pose for the camera. (Courtesy of the National Zoo.)

An adult male jaguar "stalks" the camera. He was photographed nine times at four different cameras. (Courtesy of the National Zoo.)

There's a reason this armadillo is called giant. Members of this species can weigh up to 71 pounds. The photo was taken at night. (Courtesy of the National Zoo.)

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