Caption Writing Contest #5 – The Truth Behind the Mannequin Amputation

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We had to sift through nearly 150 entries for the contest, many of them involving Tom Cruise, foot soldiers or exaggerated German accents, but we've finally crowned our winner.

"Stupid mannequins. ‘Nougat filling,’ my a**."

Kudos to Kevin for his winning submission, which he submitted just a few hours before the deadline.

So what’s actually going on in the picture above? It’s a 1976 photo of an exhibits specialist and a museum curator adjusting mannequins to fit into historic uniforms for display at the National Air and Space Museum. Since the uniforms are historically accurate, they cannot be altered to fit the mannequins; consequently, the mannequins are altered to fit the uniforms.

Out there in reader-land, let us know what you think.

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