You’ll Want to Watch Today’s Solar Eclipse Create a Gorgeous ‘Ring of Fire’

Tune in this evening to watch the Moon eclipse Australia’s early-morning Sun

A partial solar eclipse in Albuquerque, New Mexico as photographed by Colleen Pinski. This photo was one of the finalists in Smithsonian’s annual photo contest. Photo: Colleen Pinski

Technically, this partial solar eclipse—which will produce this stunning “ring of fire”— will occur as the early morning Sun rises on Friday in Australia. But for those of us in North America, the spectacle will play out this evening starting around 6:30 pm on the East coast.

If you’re in Australia or the Philippines, enjoy the show. But if you’re not and still want to watch, you can tune in to the Slooh Space Camera to watch the whole thing live.

This is only a partial solar eclipse, so there will still be a bit of bright sun poking around the dusk of the Moon. This is what gives it the moniker “ring of fire.” For an idea of what you’re in for if you decide to turn into the Slooh feed, here is a video shot during last year’s similar eclipse.

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