Tiny Robot Helicopter Will Follow You Around, Filming Everything You Do

This little drone will follow you around, film everything you do

The tiny little MeCam. Photo: Always Innovating

Do you want to obsessively share every detail of your life with everyone you know? Maybe you spend so much time playing video games that you would really just feel more comfortable having a third-person perspective on your own life? Maybe, you’re really short and just want to know what’s going on around you. Whatever the case may be, advances in technology have now brought our society to the point where you will soon be able to buy a tiny little camera-equipped robot helicopter that will automatically follow you around and film every single thing you do.

Known as the MeCam, San Francisco-based Always Innovating designed the little helicopter to aide in the ever-challenging task of taking selfies. The video recorded by the camera can be streamed live to your phone, or uploaded to various social media sites. Tech site Liliputing explains:

The camera is docked in a nano copter with 4 spinning rotors to keep it aloft. There are 14 different sensors which help the copter detect objects around it so it won’t bump into walls, people. or anything else.

Always Innovating also includes stabilization technology so that videos shouldn’t look too shaky.

The company doesn’t intend produce the helicopters but is licensing the technology behind the copter-cam to other manufacturers. Soon enough, anyone will be able to live like Beyoncé, who has a “visual director” filming her approximately 16 hours a day. Just remember—you’ll need some sort of digital archive to keep all the footage organized.

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