Wild Things: Life as We Know It

Dinosaur gangs, psychedelic fish and long-distance elephant calls



The Peruvian warbling antbird
(Cheryl Carlin)
Name: The Peruvian warbling antbird, Hypocnemis peruviana.
Two's Company: Antbirds live in pairs. They defend their territories from other antbirds by singing complex duets to signal their combined strength.
Three's Trouble: But when an unattached female enters a pair's territory, you can forget about such harmony, a study from the University of Oxford says. Once the male starts warbling, his partner launches into a song that interferes with his—a clear attempt, the researchers say, to ruin any overture to the unattached female.
Male elephants use both audible sounds and seismic frequencies to locate a female elephant, according to recent research
Researchers at a conservation center in Thailand tested many variables to study an elephants gait and how they accelerate when facing danger

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