Missives from the Annual SVP Meeting (Society of Veterbrate Paleontology)

For the past year, I had been looking forward to meeting some of my friends and colleagues from the paleo-blogosphere at the 68th annual meeting of the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology in Ohio, but I sadly could not attend. Fortunately for me (and the rest of us who couldn’t be there), some of the attendees have blogged about their experiences and the fascinated new research unveiled this year.

- Julia Anderson, the Ethical Palaeontologist, helped to organize a lunchtime meet-up of all the bloggers at the meeting. You can see a photo of everyone at her blog.

- Zach Miller of When Pigs Fly Returns took a few snapshots of his own.

- Paleo-artist Matt Celeskey, curator of the Hairy Museum of Natural History, shared some of his excellent artwork and research concerning the dinosaur Coelophysis.

- Virginia Museum of Natural History paleontologist Alton Dooley posted a day-by-day summary of the events in Ohio.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

I’m certainly jealous of everyone who was able to attend the meeting this year, but I hope to be at next year’s gathering in the UK. I had better start saving up now for all the pints I am going to owe everyone!