Rick Steves’ Europe: Rue Cler, Paris, France

The “best little street in Paris” offers tasty cheese, delectable pastries & old-fashioned merchants - an irresistible slice of authentic neighborhood life

Paul Maguire / Alamy

Bicycle Outside Flower Stall

Bicycle outside flower stall Rue Cler Paris
(Paul Maguire / Alamy)

Whether one is seeking the perfect bunch of asparagus or fresh-cut flowers, rue Cler is a favorite haunt for Parisians in search of dinner -- or the good life in general.

Rue Cler, Seventh Arrondissement of Paris

Rue Cler seventh arrondissement of Paris
(Terry Smith / Mira.com)

Traffic-free since 1984, rue Cler is lined with all the essential shops -- wine, cheese, chocolate, bread -- as well as a bank and a post office. The shops are run by men and women who grew up on quiche and knew a good wine at an early age.

Parisian Cheese Shop

Parisian cheese shop
(Courtesy of Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door)

The cheese shop contains a dazzling selection in every shape and size: wedges and cylinders, balls and mini hockey pucks, all powdered white, gray and burnt marshmallow -- it's a veritable festival of mold.

Rue Cler Locals Buying Produce

Rue Cler locals buying produce
(Laura VanDeventer / Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door)

There's no better place to assemble a French picnic than rue Cler, where locals celebrate their culture and the good life.

Rue Cler, Paris, France

Rue Cler Paris France map
(Guilbert Gates)

The rue Cler, lined with little food shops, captures the art of Parisian living.

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