October 2008

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Stonehenge secrets

New Light on Stonehenge

The first dig in 44 years inside the stone circle changed our view of why—and even when—the monument was built

Chapel of All Saints, San Luis, Colorado

The Secret of San Luis Valley

In Colorado, the gene linked to a virulent form of breast cancer found mainly in Jewish women is discovered in Hispanic Catholics

Iran 1979 revolution

Inside Iran's Fury

Scholars trace the nation's antagonism to its history of domination by foreign powers

Frank Buckles proudly wears the French Legion of Honor medal

The Last Doughboy

Frank Buckles lied about his age to serve in World War I

Fountain of the Four Rivers

Bernini's Genius

The Baroque master animated 17th-century Rome with his astonishing sculpture and architecture

Scrapped fishing boats in Fort Bragg

Farewell to the King?

For the first time there's no fishing for chinook salmon on the California coast. The search is on for why the prize catch is so scarce.


Indelible Images

The Cowboy in Winter

Gerald Mack lived the life—and photographer Sam Abell went along for the ride


Invasion of the Cassowaries

Passions run high in an Australian town: Should the endangered birds be feared—or fed?

My Kind of Town

Southern Comfort

Celebrated poet Mark Doty succumbs to Houston's humid charms

Presence of Mind

A Man of His Words

Kennedy advisor Ted Sorensen found that of all the U.S. presidents, Lincoln had the best speechwriter—himself

From the Editor


Stonehenge's purpose and a noble fish's demise

Letters to the Editor


Readers respond to the August Issue

Wild Things

Wild Things

Great white sharks, endangered frogs and more

This Month in History

October Anniversaries

Momentous or Merely Memorable

From the Castle

Life Lines

Around the Mall

Art of the Game

At the Smithsonian American Art Museum, tech-savvy players gather clues in the alternate reality game "Ghosts of a Chance"

Around the Mall


Before TV came on the scene, presidential candidates relied on campaign songs for negative advertising

Around the Mall

Dark Knight

What's Up

What's Up

The Last Page

Same Olde, Same Olde

For politicians, it’s the same olde, same olde story