Having Amelia for Tea

This photo shows Amelia Earhart after she made a forced landing in a field near Derry, Ireland in 1932. The National Library of Ireland has the record from the May 23 Irish Independent which reads:

…the hospitality she had received after making her forced descent, for two minutes later she was in the cottage of Mr. and Mrs. Peter McCallion, who put their home at her disposal. Almost at the same time Mr. Gallagher arrived and persuaded Miss Earhart to accompany him to his home, where Mrs. Gallagher had tea already prepared.”
The Library adds: “There was no account of how the McCallions took to having the Gallaghers scoop them in what must have been the tea party of their lives!” The Lockheed Vega in the photo can be seen at the National Air and Space Museum on the National Mall.


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