Where the Hell Is Matt? Everywhere.

Meet Matt Harding, the man behind the viral video sensation, who has traveled the world, dancing like no one has before

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If you could pick a place that you haven’t been to that you would go to right now, what would it be?

Iran. I would really like to go there. It sounds like a really fascinating place, but it’s difficult to get into for an American right now. It’s possible, but it’s often inadvisable given the state of things at any given moment. I tried a number of things and there was just always something going on that made it a bad idea. Like we were talking about earlier—recklessness.

It’s less about me wanting to go there and more about the people there wanting to be named as a part of this world and the global community. It’s really important to them in light of the situation, and I’d really like to do that. Yeah, that’s the top of my list.

Any others up there?

The other big one on my list—I’m not sure if it’s before or after Iran—is outer space. Mars, specifically. I’d like to dance with Curiosity in Gale Crater.

How long will you wait until you bring your son, Max, along on an adventure?

I’m new to parenting, so we’ll have to figure that out. He came on a little bit of this last trip, but he was 2 months old, so he wasn’t dancing yet. I’m not so much looking forward to making him part of the videos and all that. That’s his call, but I’m definitely excited about being able to travel with him someday.

Do you have a trip planned for the future, or are you just staying home for a little while and doing the family thing?

The family thing really changes things up. It’s a lot harder to leave now than it was in the past, but I love what I do, and I’d like to figure out a way to do more with this superpower I have of gathering huge crowds of people together all over the world. I think just about the best work a person can do is something that makes lots of people happy. That sounds really corny and simplistic, but I really believe that. It’s enormously satisfying and I just don’t really know what’s next. Hopefully I’ll figure it out.

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