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The streets of southern Utah's Johnson were once part of a movie set that has gradually faded into ghost town status. Also in the south of Utah are the desolate ruins of the Mormon town of Widtsoe Junction.

Located outside Kanab, Utah, Johnson is privately owned but is sometimes open for tours; call 435-644-5323. Admission is $3 per person to view the set, which appeared in such movies and series as How the West Was Won, Wagon Train and Gunsmoke.

Getting There:
From Kanab, go east ten miles on Highway 89 until you reach Johnson Canyon. Turn left and drive about five miles. The movie sets are visible from the road.

Widtsoe Junction
The old schoolhouse and the ruins of a few other buildings are all that remain of this former Mormon town. One third of the town is privately owned, another third is owned by the State of Utah and the final third is owned by the federal government.

Getting There:
Widtsoe Junction is located on the east fork of the Sevier River about 16 miles northeast of Bryce Canyon.

Tourists are welcome to visit the saloon in Gold Point, owned by Herb Robbins, aka Sheriff Stone. The sheriff will set you up in one of his guest cottages, but be advised that there's no running water. Top off your gas tank at Beatty on the way so you'll have enough gas to get home.

Gold Point
Gold Point has old miner's cabins available for overnight stays. Rates are $77 per room per day for 1 or 2 people. Add $20 for each additional person in the same room. Breakfast is included, as well as a tour of the town and mines. The site is open year-round, although you should call in advance about road conditions in the winter months.

On-site contact:
Herb Robbins, Star Route 30, Gold Point, Nevada 89013; Telephone: 702-643-4372 (please leave a message if no one answers); e-mail:; Website:

Getting There:
Gold Point is about 180 miles northwest of Las Vegas, 70 miles north of Beatty and 30 miles south of Goldfield. Drive north on Highway 95 about 165 miles. Roughly 15 miles past Scotty's Junction, turn left (west) by the Cottontail Ranch onto Highway 266. Go 7 miles and turn left onto Highway 774. Drive 8 more miles to Gold Point.


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