Beyond Jamestown

After the colony was founded, 400 years ago this month, Capt. John Smith set out to explore the riches of Chesapeake Bay. With Smith’s journals to guide him, a modern-day sailor retraces that historic voyage

The British colonists who settled a bit of land they soon named Jamestown (depicted in a 19th-century engraving) gave England its first enduring encampment in the New World--and, not incidentally, began our national narrative. (The Granger Collection)
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"We think it will build a constituency for the bay," Williams says. "The trail will explain to people what...the possibilities are if we are able to restore it to something close to what it once was."

A tall order, perhaps. But if the water trail succeeds, it will constitute only Capt. John Smith's latest contribution to the splendid Chesapeake.

Terence Smith was the media correspondent and senior producer for "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer." Photographer Richard Olsenius is based in Annapolis, Maryland.


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