Natalie Golda's Guide to Watching Water Polo

Natalie Golda's Guide to Watching Water Polo

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Spain (Women):
This team won the qualification tournament in Italy, knocking the defending Olympic champions (Holland) and the reigning World Champions (Greece) out all together. I’m excited to see what they can do.
Maggie Steffens (USA):
Maggie, who graduated high school just last year, plays with such confidence and swagger. I love watching her step up to the most experienced in the world and win 1x1 battles. @maggiesteffens
Elisa Casanova (Italy):
One of the more memorable players you will see in these games, Casanova has the body of a giant and amazing hands. She doesn’t look very athletic, but this woman can move.

Photos by USOC/Long Photography; AP Photo/Steve Holland; Wikimedia Commons


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