Butch Johnson's Guide to Watching Archery

Butch Johnson's Guide to Watching Archery

(Teresa Iaconi)

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Deepika Kumari (India):
This young archer has had very strong performances and could shake things up on the women’s side, where the South Korean team has historically dominated.

Brady Ellison (USA):
Ellison is not only the number one world ranked archer, but one of the most talented and successful archers the U.S. has ever seen. @Brady_Ellison

Im Dong-Hyun (South Korea):
One of Brady’s biggest challenges at the Games. Dong-Hyun is legally blind, and can only see blurs of color on the target, making him even more remarkable.

Photo of Brady Ellison by Teresa Iaconi; Photos of Im Dong-Hyun and Deepika Kumari by Dean ALBERGA World Archery


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