Butch Johnson's Guide to Watching Archery

Butch Johnson's Guide to Watching Archery

(Teresa Iaconi)
Introducing the Expert

Name: Butch Johnson
Location: Woodstock, CT
Games and Medals: Barcelona 1992, Atlanta 1996 (Gold, Team), Sydney 2000 (Bronze, Team), Athens 2004, Beijing 2008
Key quote: “The best part is the challenge—nobody has ever shot a 1440 (a perfect score). You’re always working to be better.”


Riser - The handle of the bow, or the midsection that you hold.

Limbs - Usually (incorrectly) referred to as “arms,” these are the elongated pieces extending from the riser that conduct the energy of the bow.

Stabilizers -These long bars on the front and sides of the bow provide balance, stability in the wind and help minimize vibration.


1. Form - the archer’s shooting technique

2. Holding gold - hitting the center of the target (the gold rings) consistently

3. Boss - how the British archers and commentators will be referring to the target. Here in the U.S., we refer to it as a “bale.”

Release - The physical act of releasing the string. Archers usually never say “letting go,” because we want to get a clean, strong release each time.


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