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One of this year's contenders for the People's Design Award. (2wice Arts Foundation, Inc.)

The advantage of a car is the ability to bring your technology along for the ride: GPS, iPod compatibility and on-board cameras mean you don't have to sacrifice modern comfort and increased safety for mobility. The same can't be said about biking—until now. Helios can transform any bike into a smart bike with only four screws, bringing biking and technology together like never before. Cyclists can attach the Helios bar to their bike and enjoy a variety of features, including ambient lighting, turn-by-turn navigation and a visual speedometer function that changes colors based on your speed. Helios also increases cyclist safety with its LED light that is comparable to a car's headlights. And if you get distracted by all those features and get lost on your ride, Helios comes with a built-in GPS-module—linked to GoogleMaps—to help you get back on track.

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