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What If the Founding Fathers Had Known About Voltron?

Olly Moss, a UK-based graphic designer, riffs on Benjamin Franklin's 1754 political cartoon, "Join, or Die."

Assemble, or Die. Photo: Olly Moss

Olly Moss, a UK-based graphic designer, riffs on Benjamin Franklin’s 1754 political cartoon, “Join, or Die.” According to the Library of Congress, Franklin’s work was a,

warning to the British colonies in America “join or die” exhorting them to unite against the French and the Natives.

Join, or Die. Benjamin Franklin c 1754. Photo: Library of Congress

Moss’ call for unity may have been meant to keep Voltron safe from the Drule Empire and other foes, but its true purpose may be as a portent for the fights of our robotic future, given that some Japanese politicians have plans for full-scale robotic battle suits.

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