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Big Southern elephant seal bulls (Mirounga leonina) fighting for females on beach during breeding season in spring. (© Momatiuk - Eastcott / Corbis)

Wild Things: Piranhas, Nazca Boobies, Glowing Millipedes

Elephant Seals, Neanderthal evolution and more news from the world of science


Neanderthal men
(Publiphoto / Photo Researchers, Inc.)
Neanderthals had relatively short limbs, a common adaptation to cold climates. An analysis from Johns Hopkins University suggests stubby shins also made them well suited for their mountainous Eurasian terrain. Going uphill, Neanderthals didn’t have to raise their legs as high as people with longer shins. “For a given step,” says study leader Ryan Higgins, they “put in less effort.”

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