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Where Are the Greenest Schools in the Country?

The definition of being eco-conscious is so much more than having solar panels on a roof

Manassas Park Elementary School, Manassas, Virginia. Architect: VMDO Architects, PC. (© Sam Kittner)

Newton North High School Newton, Massachusetts

Newton North High School
(Stefano Chinosi, Newton Public Schools)

Room 148 at Newton North High School, outside of Boston, is a Greengineers Lab. In this space, every day is a science fair. Students—or “greengineers”—put their heads together to come up with potential solutions to society’s environmental problems. “Students experiment with energy-saving plans and projects, such as building a stationary bicycle for the cafeteria that provides healthy exercise while also powering a blender to mix up smoothies for students during lunchtime, and a centrifuge used to manufacture fuel out of algae,” according to the National Building Museum.


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