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Good Gossip

While on the subway reading Robert Darnton's article, "All the News That's Fit to Sing," about the ways 18th-century Parisians kept informed, I found myself saying "Ha!" out loud when I read how Mme. Doublet's servant would separate rumors into those that were substantiated and those that were not. And even without the Bibliothèque Nationale de France's illustration, I would have had no trouble, thanks to Darnton's colorful descriptions, imagining the setting surrounding the Tree of Cracow, where Parisians gathered to hear gossip.

Michelle Olveira
Brooklyn, New York


Grateful for Grant

As a high-school ballplayer, I played many times at the old Polo Grounds in New York City. I can recall seeing Eddie Grant's plaque but never knew the story of why he was so honored ("Ultimate Sacrifice"). Thank you for making this hero come to life and reawakening wonderful memories.

Howard Tannenbaum
Boynton Beach, Florida

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