97 Ideas for Earth Day

1. Plant a garden.2. Plant a tree.3. Plant native plants.4. Plant a meadow instead of a lawn.5. Compost.6. Mulch.7. Water in the morning.8. Use drip irrigation.9. Use a water timer.10. Use grey water.11. Don’t use pesticides.12. Use an electric mower.13. Use a…

1. Plant a garden.

2. Plant a tree.

3. Plant native plants.

4. Plant a meadow instead of a lawn.

5. Compost.

6. Mulch.

7. Water in the morning.

8. Use drip irrigation.

9. Use a water timer.

10. Use grey water.

11. Don’t use pesticides.

12. Use an electric mower.

13. Use a push mower.

14. Keep your car’s tires inflated.

15. Tune up your engine.

16. Clean out your car.

17. Drive less.

18. Drive the speed limit.

19. Carpool.

20. Take the subway.

21. Take the bus.

22. Ride a bike.

23. Walk.

More Earth Day tips for your home, your laundry, your kitchen and your computer -- after the jump.

24. Use a programmable thermostat.

25. Turn down the thermostat during the winter.

26. Turn off the heat when you’re not home.

27. Turn up the thermostat during the summer.

28. Turn off the air conditioning when you’re not home.

29. Use a ceiling fan.

30. Open a window.

31. Wrap your water heater in insulation.

32. Insulate your hot water pipes.

33. Set your water heater to 120 degrees.

34. Turn off your water heater during the day.

35. Maintain your furnace.

36. Caulk your windows and doors.

37. Install storm doors and windows.

38. Install a low-flow showerhead.

39. Get an energy audit.

40. Use compact fluorescent lights.

41. Better yet, use LED lights.

42. Turn off the lights.

43. Use natural light.

44. Live in a smaller home.

45. Use solar energy.

46. Use wind energy.

47. Use geothermal energy.

48. Go off the grid.

49. Wash your clothes in cold water.

50. Wash in full loads.

51. Choose concentrated laundry detergents.

52. Clean out the dryer’s lint trap.

53. Hang your clothes to dry.

54. Wear things more than once.

55. Keep your freezer full.

56. Run a full load in the dishwasher.

57. Don’t use the heat dry setting on your dishwasher.

58. Try reusable coffee filters.

59. Try a French press for coffee.

60. Reuse a mug at your favorite coffee shop.

61. Buy fair-trade.

62. Eat less meat.

63. Use a toaster oven instead of your oven.

64. Use a slowcooker.

65. Use your microwave.

66. Use a solar cooker.

67. Bring your own bags to the shops.

68. Read the label.

69. Look for the energy star.

70. Buy in season.

71. Buy a share in a CSA (community-supported agriculture).

72. Don’t buy bottled water.

73. Buy a good water bottle.

74. Buy vintage.

75. Buy antique.

76. Shop online

77. Don’t get catalogs you don’t use.

78. Buy used.

79. Buy local.

80. Buy sustainable.

81. Buy in bulk.

82. Buy the item with less packaging.

83. Buy less.

84. Recycle.

85. Reuse.

86. Borrow.

87. Share.

88. Unplug appliances when they’re not in use.

89. Use a laptop instead of a desktop computer.

90. Use an LCD monitor.

91. Set up your computer to turn off the monitor after 20 minutes of non-use.

92. Skip the screensaver.

93. Turn off your computer if you’re going to be away for two hours or more.

94. Turn off your computer at night.

95. Don’t print your emails.

96. Don’t print this out.

97. Turn off your computer and go outside.
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