We Don’t Have to Choose Between Fossil Fuels and Green Energy

In a new book, Michael Levi argues that betting on a single energy path will only lead to failure

There's room for both fossil fuels and renewable sources in the United States' energy diet (© Richard Schultz / Corbis)

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I think it is important is to make sure that we promote a range of zero-carbon options so that we don’t have to make a bet on any one of the technologies being sufficient to deal with our climate challenges. I’d like us to have a viable set of renewable energy options. I would like us to try to have a viable nuclear option. I’d like us to try to have a cost-effective carbon capture option. I don’t know which of those, if any, will be successfully developed at a decent price, but to me that is all the more reason to try and promote progress on all of the different fronts.

Options are always good. They don’t save you from making choices. You still need to get the bad options out, but options are good. The more opportunities you have, the more you can do to match your actions with your goals.


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